Follixin Review – After 6 Months I’ve Reached a Conclusion..

I’ve been using Follixin from for the last 6 months ever since I realized how bad my hair was falling out.

In this review I’m going to be sharing my before and after pictures and tell you EVERYTHING there is to know about Follixin.

(New Reviews!) Since I posted about my own results other customers have left their own Follixin reviews here that you will want to read too.

Anyway let’s carry on with the review.

There’s this mirror in my living room..

I don’t know what it is about this mirror (maybe it’s the lighting) but whenever I walk past it or see myself in it I think

“f*ck, do I really look that bad?”

I don’t look as bad in any other mirror as I do in this one.

But the wife wanted it there and she would give me a right earache about it if I took it down.

So one day as I was walking past the mirror I caught a glimpse of myself and made the mistake of looking.

The thing that hit me the most was how thin and receding my hair was becoming.

I mean my hair was halfway gone.

I was turning into my Dad. SHOCKER

He used to have a full head of hair and at some point in his 40’s it just started to dry up and disappear.

The same thing was happening to me!

I didn’t want to lose all my hair.

It’s a real confidence knock when you’re talking to someone and you see them look at your head and you know they’re thinking about your receding hairline and probably feeling sorry for you.

People really do treat you different when they see you’re losing your hair and not in a good way.

So I turned on the computer and started Googling stuff like “hair regrow” and that’s when I found this thing called Follixin.

It was this video that piqued my interest in it.

So I read some more reviews and most of them were positive about it so I bought myself a 6 month supply.

I was going to buy the 3 month supply of Follixin but it’s only an extra $49 to get the 6 months supply so it works out a lot cheaper.

I think it took 2 days to be delivered so it arrived pretty fast.


The Follixin instructions say to take 2 per day so I began taking 1 with breakfast and one with dinner.

Quite honestly I had no idea whether it would work or not.

But I wanted to give it a try because going bald sucks!

After 30 days of taking Follixin I started noticing a difference.

After I was done with my first bottle I started to notice that my hair didn’t feel so dry and brittle anymore.

I also noticed that in the places that I was losing my hair there were tons of little hairs growing.

My hair just didn’t look as thin anymore.

And that was just after 30 days of using Follixin.

I was over the moon because I could see that it was working.

6 months later..

My Follixin Results

As I write this post right now it has been 6 months since I began using Follixin and my hair has pretty much all grown back.

As you can see my hair was on the verge of leaving my head completely.

Another year or so and I’d look like this..

But thanks to Follixin I now have a full head of hair that feels much healthier.

It doesn’t feel dry or brittle.

It just feels healthy.

It feels absolutely amazing to be able to walk down the street and not have to wear a hat or feel self conscious.

I feel like my confidence is back and when I talk to people I don’t feel awkward or embarrassed if they look towards my hair anymore.

My wife told me the other day that I look at least 10 years younger now. 🙂

And now she’s happy because she doesn’t have to be seen with a man who’s losing his hair anymore.

So I just wanted to write this post to share my results and also say a BIG THANKS to the makers of Follixin for making something that works.

If your hair is;

  • Receding.
  • Falling out.
  • Feels dry and brittle.

Then get some Follixin from the official website here a try because it works fast and it feels great to see your hair grow back healthy and strong.

Follixin Reviews

Here are some reviews by real customers.

Try Follixin because it works!

All of a sudden my hair started getting really thin and receding. A mate recommended Follixin as he uses it himself and has great hair.

I bought 3 bottles and in 3 weeks I started noting a big difference. My hair was looking thicker and healthier and starting to grow back.

Now it’s been 3 months and my hair has fully grown back and it looks better than ever before. My hair just feels so healthy.

Guys if your hair is receding, thinning or straight up falling out then try Follixin because it works.


My hair is growing back!

My dad went bald in his early 30s and I always thought I was going to go bald.

Somehow I managed to get to 40 with no hair loss and I thought I had escaped the curse!

I was wrong because by 42 my hair was looking so pathetically thin that I started shaving my head.

I tried a bunch of creams and pills to try and get my hair back but none of them worked.

Then I read this review about Follixin and it convinced me to try it.

So does it work?

Absolutely, I stopped shaving my head and found that after 4 weeks of taking 2 pills per day my hair was starting to grow back completely.

I was kind of skeptical about this but it really works so I’m going to buy more and continue using it.


It working!

I’m starting to get my confidence back since I’ve been using this product because my hair is growing back!

Here’s my Follixin before and after pics.


It feels so good to not have to wear a hat anymore to hide my baldness!

Sam G.

It works for women too

I just want to write the post for all the WOMEN reading! I’m one of the rare women that suffers from hair loss and I have to wear a wig.

I tried these pills because I looked at the ingredients and researched them and was impressed.

After using them for 3 months my hair has full grown back where I was bald before. When my hair gets a little longer I will stop wearing my wig and I can’t wait!

So I just wanted to say if there are any women reading that Follixin really works and will help your beautiful hair to grow back again!


I’m happy

I was always told that going bald was just something that you have to accept and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Well those were the old days. These days there are products like this that actually help your hair grow back.

The only problem is that you need to keep taking the pills forever but they’re quite cheap so I don’t mind as long as they work which they do!


I think it is a god send!

I started losing my hair when I was 23 people would look at me and think I was 43 because of my baldness.

I couldn’t get a girlfriend and my confidence hit rock bottom.

Over the years I have tried tons of ointments, creams, pills and systems with no luck until I found Follixin.

This stuff has changed my life completely.

I am 27 years old now and have been using it for 6 months and all my hair has completely grown back and it seems to grow faster.

I can even style my hair now. My confidence is back and I have even been on a few dates recently.

Follixin has completely saved my life and I think it is a god send!


Here are a few more Follixin before and after pictures I found..


If you’ve used this product then please leave your review here in the comments section.

What is it?

Follixin is a natural supplement for men who don’t want to go bald!

Since the product was launched in 2003 they have sold over 5 MILLION bottles and 91% of all men who tried it ended up buying more.

A 91% reorder ratio means that it’s clearly working for guys if they’re willing to buy more.

Here are the results of a recent survey conducted on over 800 Follixin customers.

Question: Did you find this product helped your hair to grow back?

Question: Will you be ordering more?

1 bottle will cost you $49 but you can get a free bottle if you buy 2 bottles for $98.

The official website to purchase from is

Follixin Ingredients

To find out why this product works so well I decided to take a closer look at the ingredients.

Horsetail extract (100mg) – This is full of what’s known as silica which the National Health Institute say can increase hair growth by over 59% and help to thicken hair.

Nettle extract (100mg) – According to the Medical News website hair loss is now known to be caused by a hormone called DHT and the cool thing about nettle extract is that it helps to block the production of DHT which helps to stop your hair from falling out and allows the other ingredients of Follixin to help your hair regrow.

Hydrolyzed collagen protein (50mg) – The NIH article on collagen says that this ingredient metabolizes to produce amino acids which increase the rate of keratin protein production. This protein synthesis helps to increase the blood flow to your scalp and build new and healthy hair.

L-cystine (40mg) – This is an amino acid and according to studies on L-cystine can reverse hair loss.

Vitamin C (24mg) – According to this article by Dr Axe vitamin c helps to reduce oxidative stress which is a big contributor to hair loss.

Zinc (10mg) – According to the Department of Dermatology NIH Zinc article zinc deficiency is an often-overlooked cause of hair loss and over 70% of men are thought to be zinc deficient.

Zinc has been added to Follixin to top up your levels and get your hair regrowing again.

Vitamin 3 (9.84mg)This study shows that vitamin e is a powerful antioxidant and when users supplemented with it the number of hairs in the scalp increased by over 142%.

Niacin (7.35mg) – The LiveStrong website on Niacin says that Niacin can help double the rate of hair growth!

Pantothenic acid (3.08mg) – Otherwise known as vitamin b5 this magical little vitamin helps to rebuild the hair follicles and stimulate your adrenal glands which in turn stimulate your hair follicles into producing new hair.

Vitamin b6 (0.92mg) – This vitamin helps to lower the amount of androgens that produce DHT. As I mentioned above it’s DHT that is the main cause of hair loss so by reducing the product of DHT even further you’ll see amazing new hair growth.

Vitamin b2 (0.7mg) – This vitamin according to Dr Axe is essential in maintaining the healthy collagen levels needed to produce healthy hair.

Vitamin B1 (0.67mg)The University of Maryland Medical Center article says that vitamin b1 also known as thiamine is essential for healthy hair generation.

Copper (0.72mg)This article by the department of dermatology says that Copper plays a key role in preventing hair loss.

Folic acid – Folic acid helps to regenerate new hair follicles.

Biotin – Good old Dr Axe wrote this article all about Biotin and says that the main benefits of supplementing with it are that it helps to thicken hair.

Vitamin b12Healthline says here that vitamin b12 is essential for healthy hair growth. Some sources say that it helps to thicken hair and help hair grow up to 2.5 times faster.

Conclusion: After doing some research on all of the ingredients I’m not surprised that Follixin works so good.

Every single ingredient helps to regrow healthy hair and make it thicker and stronger. You will probably find that when you hair does grow back it looks better than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions About Follixin

How many pills do you take? You take 2 pills per day and 1 bottle lasts for 30 days.

Can women use it? Yes! If you’ve read the reviews then there’s a review by a woman here who recommends it.

How long does it take to work? You will probably notice a difference within 1-3 weeks and it’s recommended that you take it for at least 3 months before you fully judge whether it’s working for you or not.

Will it work for me? According to the poll of over 800 customers 94% of customers who used Follixin for 3 months said it helped their hair to regrow and 91% said they would be ordering more.

So I would say there a good chance it will work for you too!

If you have any more questions then please ask below and I will try to respond within 24 hours.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Follixin.


Doesn’t work for 6% – Unfortunately 6% of users won’t get results with it.

May take up to 3 months to see the full benefits – You will see changes quickly but it may take a few months to really get the results you’re looking for so don’t expect overnight results.

Ongoing costs – When you see how good it works you’re going to need to keep paying because if you stop your hair will go back to the way it was before.

If you purchase 3 bottles they will give you another 3 free which works out to just $24 a bottle which is very cheap for something this powerful.

The Pros

Works for 94% of people – More than 9 out of 10 guys who use Follixin get find that their hair grows back healthier and stronger!

Cheap – It’s very cheap for something that’s proven to make your hair grow back.

Makes your hair grow back! The best thing that I can say about Follixin is that it makes your hair grow back healthier than ever before.

Works fast – I saw a noticeable improvement in less than 3 weeks and after a few months my hair had almost completely grown back.

This stuff works fast!

This product has literally changed my life for the better. Since my hair has grown back I feel so much happier and more confident and my wife likes it.

I look 10 years younger too!

Whether your hair is receding or falling out completely I recommend trying Follixin for a few months and I guarantee you will be thrilled at how fast and healthy your hair grows back.

The official website to purchase from is so give it a try and watch in amazement at how fast your hair grows back.

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I bought because of your review and I’m happy I did bevause my hair is definitely starting to grow back again and I’m ony a few weeks in!


I just wanted to update and say that things have been going great with follixin. It’s been almost 2 months and my hair is coming back strong. I’ve even had lots of people ask me why my hair is growing back ha ha.

Good stuff.


Got these little blonde/white coloured hairs (very small) where my scalp was bald, is this good will they grow thick? My hair is a mousey type colour plus has hints of ginger in a way. Been using since dnd February, not completely full on bald patch but little hairs like desccribed should I be worried??? Will it still work?

When would you say would be the best time to decide to give up on the product??


My hair is growing back at the front very quickly. It is working. I will update in future.


Just another quick update, I can see lots of little hair follicles growing all over my bald spot now so the hair is growing back! I will update again soon.


I’m amazed at how my hair is growing through again. I thought it was gone completely. I also add a little bit of jojoba oil to my scalp for moisture.


Will my hair fall outagain when I stop using it? Anyone stopped using it and lost their results?


Is it really a truth? When you will reach some kind of result, you will have to keep using this forever otherwise reached results will disappear? From where such an assumption?
Thanks for your time!

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