Metadrol Review – Is it as good as they say? Here’s my results..

I’ve been using Metadrol I bought from for a while now and I thought it was about time I wrote this review and shared my results with you all!

UPDATE: This post has now been read over 10,000 times and some of our readers have left their own Metadrol reviews here along with their own before and after pics.

Anyway here’s my own Metadrol review..

Ever since I turned 18 and was given a set of dumbbells for my birthday it’s been a goal of mine to build muscle and get JACKED!

I wanted to be a guy that women were attracted to.

And I wanted to be confident and strong.

But for some reason no matter how hard I worked out or how much I ate I could never seem to look the way I wanted.

I didn’t want to use steroids because I was scared of the health risks which include;

  • Baldness.
  • Liver toxicity.
  • Acne
  • And a whole bunch of other nasty side effects.

So it got me wondering if it’s even possible to build a muscular physique without them.

I mean I was 26 years old and had been working out for years and still didn’t look the way I wanted too.

I felt like time was running out but then one day as I was reading through a bodybuilding forum I saw this post recommending something called Metadrol.

It’s some kind of bodybuilding supplement.

Now I’m not exactly sure why but there was something about the Metadrol website that hooked me in and I decided to make the purchase.

I bought their 3 pack and got 3 free which was nice and my package was delivered very quickly too.


When they arrived I opened up one of the bottles and took 2 straight away before heading to the gym.

As I was driving to the gym which is 5 minutes from my house I began to notice that I felt very focused.

After getting changed and making my way up to the weight room I was surprised at just how much energy I had.

I felt energetic and focused and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

So I picked up the weights and started with an incline dumbbell chest press.

I found that after just one set my chest was already starting to get a pump.

On the next set I picked up heavier weights than I ever had before and I had no problems.

In fact I felt great.

For the next 2 hours I had the best chest workout of my life.

Usually my workouts last about 1 hour but after taking Metadrol I just didn’t want to stop!

I probably could have kept going for longer but I was sweating so much that dudes were starting to stare.

After I had taken a shower I could not believe how pumped my chest looked.

I felt like a Gorilla or some kind of BEAST! 🙂

When I went home after the gym I felt fantastic and full of energy.

You would think I would be tired as fuck from all that working out but I just seemed to recover instantly.

I took my post workout BCAAs to make sure I’d have no soreness in the morning and sure enough the next day I felt fine and was ready for another workout.

Since the first day that I started taking Metadrol I have had so many amazing workouts.

Every time I go into the gym after taking it I feel energetic, focused and explosive.

And because I was working out so hard I quickly started to get stronger and stronger and it felt like every workout that went by I was lifting heavier.

The bulking phase: For the first 5 months I used Metadrol on a bulk.

I ate an extra 600 calories per day.

The cutting phase: For the last month and my final bottle of Metadrol I went on a cut.

I reduced my calories by 600-1,000 per day.

I found that even though I was low on calories and should be feeling tired I still felt good and was still having some great workouts.

On the cutting phase I burned through so much fat so fast.

It was a great feeling to cut the fat and see all the muscle I had gained on the bulk.

After 6 months of bulking and cutting with Metadrol I looked completely different by the end of it.

Here’s my Metadrol before and after photo’s..

For the first time since I started lifting weights at the age of 18 I actually feel like I’m starting to look the way I always dreamed about.

And life is becoming the way I imagined it.

I have women hitting on me and complimenting me.

And I feel like I have more confidence.

I couldn’t have done it without Metadrol so if you want to build some muscle and then buy some and you’ll start to feel superhuman.

My Metadrol Results

I’ve posted my before and after pics above for you to see but in this section I just want to talk more about my results and the changes I’ve been through so you know what to expect.

Day 1: You’ll feel the pills working immediately. You’ll feel more focused and energetic and you’ll feel like you can get up and do anything.

I went straight to the gym and had the best workout of my life up till then.

It’s great to take a supplement and feel it working right away.

Week 1: By the end of the first week the ingredients should have built up in your system enough so that you should be feeling the full effects by now.

  • You will start to feel a clean energy all day long and you’ll never seem to get tired. You will find that you can go to sleep later and wake up early feeling fresh as a daisy.
  • You will feel an immense focus and any of that usually brain fog or mental fatigue will just disappear. You will find that you start to get so much more done in your daily life.
  • You will workout like a beast – Metadrol increases testosterone levels by over 300% so you will find that you can workout harder and lift heavier without getting tired.

After 1 week: After the first week you will be feeling the full effects. You will;

  • Burn fat 2.5 times faster.
  • Build muscle 3 times faster.
  • Feel younger, more energetic and healthier.
  • Your confidence will grow and guys will be mirin’ you and girls will be all over you like a rash.
  • With the added mental clarity you’ll find that you do better at work and start to accomplish more of your goals.
  • You’ll feel like you can conquer the entire world!

So that’s what it feels like to use Metadrol and based on my own results this is what you can expect to experience too.

Metadrol Reviews

I posted my own review a while ago and this post has gotten a ton of attention because it’s a review for such a popular product.

Since then some very helpful readers have posted some of their own Metadrol reviews in the comments section which I’ve now moved here to give them some more attention.


I feel like I have so much more power on the gym lately since I started taking Metadrol. I lift heavier and my workouts have gone from lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes.

I always leave the gym with a good pump and even though I workout really hard I feel zero soreness the next day. It’s weird. I think it’s the BCAAs doing their thing.

I’ve made some nice muscle gains too and have even had a few guys at the gym ask me what supplements I’m using and asking for tips lol.

I was skeptical about how powerful a supplement like this could be but since giving it a try I now know that this stuff is for real!


Metadrol works!

Here’s my Metadrol before and after pictures after using them for a few months.


Apart from the muscle gains and the fat burning I also feel really good on this stuff. The only way to describe it is to say that I feel 10 years younger but even better than when I was 10 years younger.


My physique is improving fast

I’ve had to up my calories because I was burning fat so fast to begin with. Now I’m eating more I have gained over 3kg of muscle this month. That’s 7lbs by the way.

My girlfriend is very impressed with my physique too. She even asked me if I was using steroids!


Great supplement

Here’s the pics of my results since I began using Metadrol!


My results mirror what has been said in this review. More energy, more muscle, a nice focus.

I think I will be taking this supplement for as long as I possibly can.


Metadrol is almost as powerful as real steroids!

As someone who has used real steroids in the past I can confirm that Metadrol is almost as powerful but I think it’s even better because there are no side effects to it.

You almost feel superhuman when you take this.

Neil G.

Very happy with this.

Ever since I’ve been using this I’ve gotten into great shape and have been meeting way more women than usual. Lots of them have asked me if I work out and they definitely seem to be more attracted to me now.


I can’t believe how powerful Metadrol is.

Does Metadrol work? Hell yeah it does. The first time I tried it I didn’t want to leave the gym. I was in there for almost 3 hours. I never got tired and lifted heavier.

Here’s my pics.



You can see some more Metadrol reviews on the official website here and if you would like to share your own review then please post it here for everyone to see!

Proven To Work

There have been 2 tests conducted to find out how effective Metadrol really is.

Test 1: The first test was conducted by SciVera Labs, a company from Denmark. They had 30 men take this supplement every day for 60 days.

After 60 days they found that the average man had gained 19.75lbs and had reduced their overall body fat by almost 4% concluding that almost all of their gains were pure muscle and they were able to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Test 2: The second test was conducted on the main ingredient of Metadrol which happens to be HGRX-3.

In 2013 researchers gathered together 76 men with low testosterone and had them take HGRX-3 for a period of 30 days.

At the end of the 30 day test over 93% of the men noticed testosterone levels over 300% higher than when they started. This catapulted their testosterone levels beyond that of the normal man.

Now it’s easy to see why over 87% of men who order Metadrol end up purchasing more!

What is Metadrol?

It’s more than just a supplement. It will help you build muscle, burn fat, look and feel healthy and improve energy and focus.

The company behind it has seen a recent surge in popularity since us guys have started to figure out how powerful it is.

I’ve heard that over the last few years they have sold over 4 million bottles and they have an 87% repurchase rate which means that almost every man who tries it likes it enough to buy more.

It will help you burn fat 2.5 times faster and build muscle 3 times faster as it increases testosterone levels by over 300%

The official website is

Metadrol Ingredients

To find out why this product works so well you need to look at the ingredients and find out what they do.

Lucky for you I’ve done just that and will summarize for you below.

HGRX-3 (2-Hydrxy-3-Methox OH2) – This is the main ingredient and studios show to study in post that it helps increase testosterone levels by over 300% as well as blocking estrogen levels.

All the benefits that Metadrol provides comes from it’s ability to increase test levels and reduce estrogen levels.

Tribulus – A study by the US National Institute of Health on Tribulus shows that it’s very effective at increasing testosterone levels and helping to improve physique. It’s a huge performance booster as well as libido booster.

So those are the 2 main ingredients.

Metadrol also contains;

A blend of amino acids – These are extremely important when it comes to building muscle because BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) help your muscles to repair themselves properly after a workout.

This is why you wont feel any soreness or fatigue after a tough workout when you start taking this supplement.

CreatineCreatine helps your muscles to look more defined and give you an extra push in your workout.

Nitric Oxide Boosters – These will help to open up your blood vessels so that more blood and oxygen can glow to your muscles while you’re working out.

With more oxygen hitting your muscles you will be able to lift heavier and for longer without getting tired.

The longer you can workout and the heavier you can lift the more muscle gains you will make and the more fat your will burn.

Catalytic Protein Synthesizers – These will help your body to synthesize more protein. Protein is what’s needed to build muscle. By increasing protein synthesis you will build muscle faster.

It will also cause your metabolism to go up so that you burn fat quicker too.

Conclusion: After I spent some time researching the ingredients I am not surprised that Metadrol works as good as it does.

Questions About Metadrol

Because this supplement has surged in popularity as of late I’d like to answer some if the questions I’ve been getting.

How long does it take to work? You will probably feel it working within 20 minutes. The full effects will show themselves after around a week.

I want to gain 10lbs of muscle, how long will that take? Well according to the study by SciVera labs the average user gained almost 20lbs in just 60 days and reduced their fat% by almost 4% so you may be able to gain 10lbs very quickly if you work out hard and eat an extra 500 calories per day.

Is this a good fat burner? It’s an amazing fat burner. You will be amazed at how fast it burns through fat and reveals your true muscular physique.

Is it safe to consume? The ingredients are all safe and there are no known side effects.

Can women use them? Yes, female bodybuilders are using Metadrol too as you can see in the reviews section.

What age are these pills suitable for? Well, the more you age the more your testosterone levels begin to decline as you can see in the pic below;

Because Metadrol helps boost testosterone levels by over 300% anyone between the age of 20 and 70 can use it and feel incredible changes.

In fact the older you are the more benefits you will gain from using it.

What about diet? If you want to build muscle then I recommend eating an extra 500 calories per day and if you want to burn fat the I recommend reducing your calories by 500.

You should still try and eat as healthy as possible.

Is there a guarantee? Yes, if you buy more than one bottle and you’re not satisfied then you can get a refund on the remaining unopened bottles.

Do you think they will work for me or not? Over 87% of customers end up repurchasing because this stuff is about as powerful as it gets.

I believe that if you workout hard, eat as healthily as possible then you will get great results with Metadrol.

There are a few other questions answered on the official website here and if you have any more questions then feel free to ask in the comments.

The Pros and Cons

The BAD!

Thirsty – I find that when I’m taking these pills I’m always thirsty and if I don’t drink then my mouth gets dry.

Caffeine disrupts sleep – You should try and take the pills in the morning if you can because these pills contain caffeine so if you take them in the afternoon then you may not be able to get to sleep!

So that’s all the bad stuff I can think of to say.


Build muscle 3X faster – Metadrol is proven to help you build muscle 3 times faster than someone who isn’t taking them. Now that’s an edge!

Burn fat 2.5X faster – This is one of the rare supplements that allows you to burn fat at the same time as build muscle.

It’s proven to burn off fat from your body 2.5 times faster than if you tried to without it. When you burn fat it reveals all the muscle underneath so you can get they physique you want faster.

Workout like a MACHINE! This supplement helps to minimize lactic acid build up so you don’t feel that nasty burn as fast as you normally would when you’re working out.

This means you can workout for longer. The nitric oxide boosters also help your blood vessels to expand more so that more oxygen can be carried to your muscles.

More oxygen means you will feel stronger and can workout for longer without getting tired, like some sort of MACHINE!

Mental Focus – You will feel so focused it’s unbelievable. Here’s what one user had to say about the added focus.

So first of all I love Metadrol and have built over 11lbs of muscle already but one thing am in awe of is the mental clarity and focus it give me.

I am 20 years old and I’m a University student studying law. It usually takes me forever to finish essays and assignments but since I’ve been taking these pills I feel as focused as hawk on a mouse.

I had a 10,000 word assignment to write that was given to me on Friday. I sat down to do it on Saturday morning at 11am and by 3pm just a few hours later I was completely done!

It just feels like my brain is twice as powerful as it was before. The focus Metadrol gives me is out of this world.

Confidence Booster – When you start to see the changes that your body goes through on these pills and see how much your physique improves you will feel a nice confidence boost which is great for getting women.

Proven To Work – The best thing I can say about Metadrol and why I recommend you give them a try is because they’re proven to work.

They’ve worked for me and as you’ve seen from the reviews they are working for others.

87% of buyers like it enough to repurchase so you can feel good knowing that you are buying the best product on the market right now.

Should You Buy Metadrol?

Metadrol is the best supplement I have ever tried and it I was absolutely SHOCKED at the effects I felt and the changes I saw.

With 87% of customers re-ordering it says a lot about the quality of this product.

It will help boost your testosterone levels by 300%!

So, if you’re looking for a supplement that will help you build muscle, burn fat and make you feel energetic, focused and like you can do anything then you would be doing yourself a disservice by not giving Metadrol a try.

Warning about fakes: Please be careful to only buy from the official website because there are fakes being sold on places like eBay.

It is now my number 1 rated product and the only bodybuilding supplement that I use and recommends so click here to get your supply of Metadrol and get 35% off!

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Great results Adam. Have you kept the muscle you gained since you stopped using it?


Dude, I got mine this morning and tried it for the first time and felt afterwards at the gym I had a really good workout and felt great. You can really feel it working.


Me again, I wanted to update here and say that I bulked for 4 months and cut for 2 months using Metadrol and went from 160lbs to 187lbs!

I built muscle and burned fat and I’ve never looked or felt better!


I don’t know how it works but it does. Ever since I began taking Metadrol I have been killing it in the gym. I feel so much stronger.


Ok, this stuff is amazing. I have gained over 5lbs this week on my bulk and my fat measurer says that I have lost fat so I’m actually making nice muscle gains.

I am looking the best I’ve ever looked right now!

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