Pack On Muscle By Skipping Workouts?

If you want to be successful at anything, discipline and consistency are key.

Sometimes it seems more appealing to stay at home, lie on the couch, and relax than to continue to work hard, but working hard is the way to get ahead and really see results.

They say that “80% of success is showing up” and it’s a good advice to follow.

If you want to pack on muscle mass, it’s no different.

Even when it’s the last thing on your mind, sticking to your workout schedule is a crucial component.

When you plan to pack on muscle mass as quickly as possible while building strength, so cannot skip workouts.

Is that so?

Consistency is paramount.

Yes, you need to be faithful to your training regimen most of the time if you plan to pack on muscle mass.

Bailing on the gym because you’re lazy is not an acceptable approach.

However, there is an interesting quote from the late Mike Mentzer that goes “Rituals have nothing to do with science.”.

Bear in mind that the human body is a complex biological mechanism, and that all workouts and recovery periods are not identical to each other.

So, just because you’ve decided that you have to pack on muscle mass on days X, Y, and Z, this won’t always be the optimal pattern every single week of the year.

To Pack On Muscle, Listen To Your body

If it’s a training day and you wake up tired with muscles that still ache and you’re not motivated then don’t you think that your body is sending you a message?

Obviously, you need more recovery time, so forcing yourself to pack on muscle mass is not the best idea as your efforts will be subpar.

It doesn’t make sense to push yourself if your body, muscles, and mind are still reeling from the previous session and asking you to rest-not pack on muscle mass.

In truth, your recovery phase is when your muscle tissue repairs itself and that’s when muscle tissue is being formed, so it doesn’t make sense to add more intense weight training which is extremely demanding on the body as a whole.

Why would you even consider ruining the time when your body can pack on muscle mass?

The key here is to take that time off to recover, and head back to the gym only when your body is ready.

Why not do that?

Your size and/or strength will not decrease by two or less than two weeks of inactivity, so why not?

Instead, there are dual benefits: proper recovery from your last workout and improved performance in your next workout.

All you have to do is listen to your body.

Sometimes your body needs recovery time, so just remember that rituals don’t have anything to do with how you pack on muscle mass.

Maybe your body just doesn’t want to face the weights yet.

If this is the case, it’s important that you don’t force it.

If you have to miss a training session, don’t let your ego run the show and make you feel like a failure—whoever said “never skip a workout” didn’t think it through.

Tread lightly, though.

To Pack On Muscle Mass, Stick To Your Routine!

Make sure you don’t get into the mindset of only performing workouts to pack on muscle mass when you “feel like it,” because you run the risk of delaying workouts and convincing yourself its fine when in fact it’s not.

You can’t stop your training sessions to pack on muscle mass just because you don’t feel like it mentally—that’s not what I recommend.

Just take a day or two off when you need to from a physical point of view.

Keep this in mind. Your body won’t experience any long-term harm from taking an extra day of rest, but it will experience real and immediate harm if you push it to pack on muscle mass when it’s not fully recovered.

There is no long-term harm in taking an extra day of rest, but there is the very real and immediate harm of training your body to pack on muscle mass without being fully recovered first.

Not only do you risk muscle loss, but you will also be vulnerable to muscle strains and even tears if your body is not fully recovered.

Remember, if your body is begging you to, you need to take the day off!

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